The tools you use for communication say a lot about you. They become part of your character, your identity.
In ITALIC.DESIGN we work continuously for excellence, meeting everyday challenges, transforming each product into an artisanal masterpiece, looking at each composition as a new opportunity.

We bring value to every idea, respecting its individuality and recognizing its true potential.

There are no production lines in the world capable of achieving the same success that products made in a dedicated way. The concept of tailor-made meets marketing; excellence meets relationships.
We develop products for communicating ideas following the hand-made Italian tradition, enhancing the uniqueness of each creation.


Our story begins in an artisanal atelier in Milan, Italy. For generations, we have treated the paper like a textile and printing as an art form. For us, communication is a way to create opportunities, experiences, convergencies.

The principle of uniqueness has always inspired us. Every product should be original, wholly dedicated to the client, its personality, its commercial appeal.
We are about the individual piece, with a strong passion and dedication to realizing its success. Mass production can not express this way to create, and that’s our key strength.

We think of each customer as a new story to tell, a unique experience to embrace together. Setting up with style allows anyone to start with the right foot; this is the conviction that gives life to ITALIC.DESIGN